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We provide wide variety of management programs from sales, marketing & finance.

Management Courses

The purpose of Mentorship Programs is to enhance the existing knowledge and skills of students from a young age.

Mind Mapping & Mentorship

BuSkills' Grassroots Community is an initiative towards building a one-of-a-kind upskilling platform.

Grassroots Community

Tech-Champ Program

Social Welfare Program

Advanced Placement Cell & Professional Drilling


40000 Learning Minutes
40000 learning minutes of services since we started
300+ Customer reach
We have provided our services to more than 300 customers.
20+ Quality Courses
We now have 20+ quality courses to Upgrade your every skill.

Frequently asked questions

Why Choose BuSkills ?

We believe in quality education and we provide you the best possible skills which can help you in shaping your future.

How we work in BuSkills ?

What is BuSkills ?

BuSkills Education is an edtech startup committed to transforming traditional mindsets and creating possibilities for students.

How can i join the team ?

We are always happy if you want to join us for furthur support, Reach us on

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