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Live Sessions

The Communication Development Program is a 3-month live program offered by the School of Skill Development, an arm of Buskills Education.

​The Communication Development Program is a skill training program that has been designed to help you develop new techniques and principles of communication, complimenting your personality development and grooming as well. The Program redefines communication, inculcates effective communication skills and psychological hacks, and opens pathways to a more confident, more creative self. 

Course Description


Course Objectives

  • To provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of communication.


  • To provide students with a foundation in both theoretical and practical concepts and applications


  • To enable students to meet the needs of global business organizations by adding professional internships and training to their portfolios.

Pillars of Communication

Content and Confidence


Professional Mails

Corporate Etiquette

Drafting and Presentation

Business Communication

Building Teamwork

Listening and Responding

Exploring the Written Word

Intro to Verbal Pursuits
Art of Listening
Effective Speaking
The Art of Public Speaking
Presentation Skills
Becoming a Storyteller
Intro to Content Creation
Stop Panicking
Expression your opinion
Organizational Behavior

Course Curriculum


Additional Skill Upgradation

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  • Soft Skills, Art of Persuasion, Team Building, Leadership, Public Speaking, Listening Skills, Time Management, Coordination and Cooperation, Emotional intelligence


  • 30 hours of Live Training, Podcast, Webinar, Blog Writing, Copywriting, Video Creato Simulation Training, Certification of Training

  • Fight your Fear of the English Language.

  • Learn to Speak Fluently

  • Crack Interviews, Group Discussions, and Debates.

  • Gain an Insight into Public Speaking.

  • Create your Personal Brand.

How will this program help you?

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