Collaborating with the strangers 

The whole society is a stranger to us. We all think getting outside our comfort zone and meeting new acquaintance is difficult and challenging, but it isn't like that. We should always keep this in mind that if they are a stranger to us so are we to them. We should always keep a positive attitude towards everyone we meet.

There are little things that we should keep in mind before working with someone absolutely new and a total stranger.

1. Positive attitude: This is very important because if we ourselves have a positive attitude towards them, we won't feel strange working with them. A lot of times we judge people without actually knowing them, their capabilities and potential, and according to that we start behaving similar to that person, and so, we get the same attitude as we give.

2. Take time to understand each other: We are humans, and we eventually take the time to know each other. We should give enough time and patience to know each other. If we do not give time to each other it would be very difficult for us to work together and have a positive and friendly environment to work with.

3. *Trust*: Trust is the basis of every relationship, be it any kind formal or informal. And in today's world trusting someone becomes very difficult, we should actually know what amount to trust if you trust more than they require even that's bad for us and if you trust less than the required even that a negative

for us, hence right amount is important. But we should certainly have some amount of trust and show it to the person we are working with because only then, we can work together as a team.

Megha verma





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