Corona teach us how to live

Corona virus is all over the place, it has made Life of people miserable. The whole country has been under lock down since March 25 (except the superheroes who are working selflessly so that others can be at peace). 

The roads which were busy is now at a stand still. There were people who said that they don't even have time to breathe, they were so busy are now sitting idle in their houses to save themselves from breathlessness. Social distancing is an essential in life now. 

 Thousands of migrants walked barefoot in scorching heat just so that they reach for their houses and get close to their loved ones. But there were also people who started on their journey back home but never reached. We have grown as a digital country, but thanks to covid -19 that it has brought our personal lives on social media too.

Friends and family who are away from each other have stuck on video calls so that they can have some happy time with them. 

People forgot about the terrace and now most of the time is spent there feeling the freshness playing like a kid again spending time, sharing the love. We all were lost and busy, but these times have again tried taking back to our original self our happy times. We have found ourselves again. 

 It has taught us the importance of little things in life, it has taught us the if there is anything important in this life is life itself and what takes it ahead is happiness.






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