Do we learn emotions or emotion helps us to learn?

Are emotions really a critical source of information for learning? Let's find out in this article

Imagine a five-year-old boy who is learning to cycle.

He will feel happiness as long as he's successful, but he might get very frustrated if he falls on the road. Imagine a fresher within the first month of his career not knowing his abilities and caliber and feeling nervous due to the challenges which he will face. These examples clearly illustrate that emotions are a critical source of data for learning. Psychologists like Daniel Goleman and Paul Ekman and Greek philosophers like Aristotle had already acknowledged the close relationship of learning and emotion.

According to the research by The University of Southern California's Brain creativity institute emotions, logical reasoning, and body sensations aren't such a lot opposite because the joint infrastructure that supports student's thoughts. Body sensation, actual or stimulated contribute to feelings, which may successively influence thought and thoughts can trigger emotions which play call at the mind and on the body.

Thus, we will conclude that Learning and Emotions are interdependent on one another. Emotion makes learning more fun and interesting. Emotion motivates us to find out more and more. So, we will say emotions are a critical source of data for learning.





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