Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure Ever Will 

Dreams – our hopes for our futures; the purpose that makes us get out of bed every morning.  People often say that chasing after dreams is important, that humans can’t live a meaningful life without having a dream. But are those dreams worth it? 

I ask this question because it’s what we often ask ourselves about our dreams. Is it worth it?  Can I work that hard? Can I go that far? Am I being too ambitious? Have you not asked yourself this each time you think of doing something big, something long-term? 

Sure, not all people are wired the same way: some tasks may feel more daunting than others  for different people. Nonetheless, it is true that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Self-doubt, and lack of self-confidence, is a major detriment to any dreams you have as a  person or a professional. 

Why does this happen? Well, speaking biologically, if goals are too long-term, the mind thinks that rewards are too far off to be beneficial. The human mind even today is still hardwired for instant gratification, wherein any effort instantly leads to results. 

Speaking psychologically, we are all resistant to change. Dreams require efforts; they require you to change your schedule, your mind-set, and sometimes your entire life! The prospect of such drastic changes often scares us away from our dreams. Another aspect is that we are  afraid of failure, and the fallout of failure. We are scared of losing self-esteem and pride, so  we prevent ourselves from failing by simply not reaching towards our dreams. 

So how do we get past doubts? First off, you have to understand that failure is not a crutch, but a safety net. It is okay to fail, and even better to learn from failure. Secondly, break your  dreams down into smaller goals which seem more approachable, and allow you some  gratification along the way. Finally, let yourself visualize your dream, and realize that you will be happy with whatever changes happen. You can then step towards your dreams with confidence.

Arunanshu Deep Barnwal




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