Business exists because of consumers. It creates for consumers. It thrives on consumers. However, when it comes to business ethics and social responsibility , it takes lot more efforts than establishing profits. While both might seem at par to earn , they comprise individual benefits. Profits are necessary for the long-term survival of every business. That doesn't make ethics an inferior component of a business process and management. Successful businessmen never eat alone, also they leave no chance in making their employees feel wanted and appreciative. After all employees and connections in market is like blood and bones for the body of business. Mandatory for survival. Question is which should be given more preference? If one thinks, it should be profited, then that puts social ethics and responsibility of that business at stake. Public image is really important for every corporate, to sell a product , business needs to make connections on a grass root level, they need to emphasize with those they're serving and on whom they are surviving. This secret is not secret anymore, everyone knows now , the offers capitalists put in the name of Diwali sale and other festive occasions, ultimately benefits them , but it doesn't matter even if you know the recipe, the quantity of ingredients used in that recipe is what ultimately matters. Therefore, it's not about knowing, it about how in spite of awareness we end a up making them profitable. That's the magic of marketing. Every one is aware of the Bhopal gas tragedy, which took place on 2nd-3rd December 1984. There is much controversy over the Tata Group--one of India's largest business conglomerates--taking up the responsibility for 'remediation' of the Bhopal gas tragedy site on behalf of the industrial giant, the Dow Chemical Company. For the compensation of which Tata made many hospitals and finance companies to help people throughout India and get rid of it's controversial malign image this industrial tragedy casted on its evergreen and trustful face. Public imagine and profits go hand in hand. Keeping this mantra in mind , many Bollywood celebrities have started their business line , then whether it's about clothing lines like - NUSH, Hex, ALL ABOUT YOU, owned by some prominent business celebrities or makeup line - by Katrina Kaif and Sunny Leone, all the celebrities have pledged to make an impact making most out of their popularity, but who is ruling in this race is still hard to determine, because they're not full time into their business, mostly engaged in front of the camera, puts them at a high risk of having their public image on the edge. This doesn't end here, donations and charity, building hospitals, educational institutions , finance companies are also most of the key aspects which business undertake to make way into our hearts. The right marketing gimmicks also help to get into public eye, many potent brands are aware of this potential the advertisements possess, they transmit their ethics through them. The advertisement can be thought-provoking or easy to catch, which makes them last in the insight of the viewer, their future buyer. Brands like Ariel and vicks are most commonly known for showcasing their ethics and social empathy through advertisements. One of the most recent by Ariel is "share the load" which promotes the idea of sharing workload between partners in order to provide them a sense of belonging and equality within a marriage. There are many creative ways in which capitalists win the hearts of consumers and engage with them on an emotional level, making the buyer feel that they understand them. However superficial it might seem, it's a survival necessity of the business. Ethics and profits are correlated, in order to achieve consumer retention, ethics are prime component essential for the foundation of the business. In order to survive in the long run, every business must pay full attention to their ethics, which in turn will be invited profit's ultimately.




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