Freelancing - a booming career

What is Free lancing

So basically, free lancing is working as a self-employed person/professional for multiple employers without a formal agreement for a long or short period of time with no fixed duration and environment

Freelancing might not make you an overnight millionaire, but it is the next step from a job. You can work on your interest area or niche and the passion job which you wish to do. In freelancing you will get to learn sales, marketing, know about the market, manage team and clients etc. It is like an intersection between a job and a startup and the interesting part is you can start while you are working without leaving the job

How to do free lancing

A basic model example,

The first step to being ready to be your own boss is to get a set of in-demand skills on your niche, analyze the market and know your target audience. Skills may be the technical skills and various soft skills according to the requirement

Next is think like a freelancer, you might be surprised that the way you think has more impact on your success as a freelancer than your current skill level.

Further you should dig your niche area deeper and work on it, For e.g. If you are good at writing and preparing content then start blogging , write blogs on various topics and publish it and get feedback to improve yourself . You have done what it takes to get this far even if you don’t feel 100% ready, you have to start sometime.

Benefits of starting Freelancing

· Important benefit is you are working on the area of your interest, the work which you like

· An added income source,

· Improved Networking circle

· No fixed hours of working

· Can work from home, save time on travel, spend more time with family

· Upskill yourself by adapting new learnings

It’s the time to stop dreaming and start freelancing!

Best wishes.





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