How being calm can help winning people 

You all know about 21 days rule. Doing, saying, being something for 21 days to make your 'something'  become a habit.  

We can also remain calm by following this 21-day method will be helpful for the winning people. We are  living in a world where everyone always seems to be uptight and stressed out. You cannot let this stress  hinder your success. To become silent is possible when you do not think much about yourself. If you  think something about yourself, if you think I am smarter how can you shut up? If you realize that you  are stupid because you don't know anything in this existence.

Then you can look simply live with great  sense of wonder without of thought appearing in your mind. If you think you are smart about everything  you got explanation, calculation and nonsense going on your head. If you see one thing you have  thousand thought will go off. If you are not sitting in a peaceful place silent you will agreeing or  disagreeing with others, making comments within yourself, making about others activities next to you  .Most of the problem in our life are caused by the way we react to certain situations. Therefore, it is 

important to make sure that we are calm and composed at times of crisis because that is the only way to  deal with annoying situations. Sometimes it's better to just remain silent and smile.  

 It's a simple decision. It's a simple choice you can make. Winners find a way to have a  positive outlook regardless of the circumstances. It's related to the concept of an abundance mindset. Positive thinking with calmness can help winning people.

Shraddha Khare




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