How important is it to be patient in Business and Management?

Patience is the treasure which is common in every person who is reining success. In our quotidian rush , we undermine the positive possibility of "patience". A good leader is a patient person inside out. Business and management is fabricated with patience and perseverance. To deal with people you require a calm mind , to understand different groups of individual you need collected thoughts of integrity, all of which are the traits a patient person comprises. However easy it might sound or seem , situations in which you have to deal with a lot of pressure, dis balances even coolest headed folks. People often tend to feel strangulated by their thoughts especially when facing adverse situations. This phenomenon is known as "choking" , which makes a person fail despite tremendous amount of practice they've done beforehand. Focus often zones out when our mind is already preoccupied with worries, doubts, and fears. In such a situation brain often loses the battle to irrelevant thoughts. Ultimately it all boils down to brain fogging. The question is how all this is related to being a patient or impatient person? It's pretty simple actually, in a research study conducted around 2004 , it was observed that students who were calm and patient solved the complex math problems really well, contrary to those who were taking too much pressure upon themselves. That's not all, it was reported in 2010 , by a social research group in California, that about 15% students give in to exam related pressure, and they are required to be medicated with antidepressants. All this unrest for what ? We should always ask ourselves one basic question that why does we need to stress over minor things which don't last lifetime. The things which are not going relevant in our lives after 5 years , should be eschewed from our head space. You will see 99 % of your problems will get resolved by this simple technique. It's quite obvious that a calm mind belongs to a patient person which is in fact our ultimate desired objective. The benefits of staying calm under fluctuating situations is of utter importance. We often get into the delusion of short term success, which makes us loose the rich treasures of life which is hidden underneath complexity. Why do we even compromise? Even though we possess the potent to reach on top. Most likely it is because we don't have that much of patience in our heart and head. That small line is stopping us from achieving the greatest things which we can easily access. Don't be a chicken, just because you're surrounded by them, you're an eagle, soar into great heights of freedom, consummate your potential. The vitality of patience in management and business is crucial. As there will be a lot of times you'll lose. You will feel like giving up. You won't feel motivated. Neither will you understand the constant turmoil life will keep throwing on your way as you advance towards your betterment but a positive thinking changes everything. Remember, when problems increase around us it's because we have leveled up. God always tests those who he thinks are capable of fighting through. Patience is pervasive. It's an inherited quality a good leader should necessarily possess. Be a leader who understands, someone people can relate to more often, when you connect and establish connections with people only then a business blooms.




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