Updated: Sep 15, 2020

There is no doubt that laughing / laughter is very essential and good for our health. Laughter is the best medicine it helps us fight disease also it gives us strength to fight against something odd.Everyone laughs but what's important is, not everyone laughs the same way or on similar things . It is an art and it differs with persons personality. 

Every morning we go to the park and laugh loudly without any reason and just chilling with friends laughing loudly on anything and everything . Does both the cases have something in common.? 

Laughing forcefully and just laughing letting it go out, effortlessly . There is a big difference between these two.

Today everyone knows how to laugh and everyone is , but the humour inside us is dead . So we will talk about how to laugh with humour through this blog. 

Laughing is easy but laughing with humour is an art and friends it isn't easy to become a artist in this sphere of life. 

Laughter is the best medicine . This phrase is totally appropriate and yes laughter is a "medicine". Laughing not only makes our daily routine more Joyous and less complicated but it also gives us strength so that we happily pass all the hard time with ease and calmness. 

humor lowers the stress level, helps us to look at stressful situations from a different perspective, and strengthens social interaction. It is good for our immune system, our memory, and makes us happy. 

Don't wait for a company or any reason to be happy or to get laughed , I say whenever you feel like laughing go ahead just laugh it out loud . 

It is better if we laugh on smallest of things in our life rather than laughing in the parks every morning without a reason. 

We just can't laugh the whole day but what we can do is have a positive environment inside your heart and smile on your face. 

Laugh not just for others to notice that you are happy . But laugh for your soul , for your satisfaction .

Our happiness , our reason to laugh shouldn't depend on others . It we should have our sole proprietorship on our happiness and laughter. Not just any laughter but laughing with humour. 

"हंसो तो इस तरह ठहाके मारके की दिल के सभी खिड़की, दरवाजे खुल जाए और तुम्हारे हास्य रस के सामने बाकी सारे रस फीके पड़ जाए।"

By Megha verma





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