Informal - the new professional

Not understanding a jargon? Search it on the internet. Facing a problem how to do a technical or a professional activity? Refer YouTube videos . You have the idea how to meet the target or new business strategy ? Share your ideas and knowledge in business meetings , these are only few of the informal ways how you can excel your skills to perform a task, increase your knowledge about the topic and enhance your development as a professional.

Now you are might be thinking what is this informal way? So the informal way or work are related to professional development which refers to other activities associated with your work which contribute to your skills as a professional which includes :

• Discussion with colleagues

•Sharing knowledge and information at meetings.

•Participation in work-related committees.

•Internet research.

•Linked in discussion groups

•Business articles and association magazines

•YouTube videos

•Listening to podcasts (these are ideal for listening to when travelling to appointments, or the workplace)

In the current scenario of the COVID -19 pandemic where everything is going online from our office work to our education and training the informal is new professional as the informal way provide a lot more flexibility in the way content is both created and consumed by an individual. It can be done over a social media platforms without much efforts there by saving time and increasing productivity and skills by more economical means. It also boosts up certain positive companionship traits such as mutual trust , mutual understanding and codependence among employees thus improving employee relations .

By Saksham Kesarwani




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