More the variety, better the society 

It is said that diversity and remake give us tons of opportunities, and that we can improve and develop our society using that such opportunities. India may be a very diverse country and hence it's also called as a various nation. There's a diversity in almost everything around us, our clothing, eating habits, how can we live, what we speak, etc. These diversities are the rationale we expect beyond and let our mind thinks outside the box if there wasn't diversity, we might “human” with an identity because the difference in us gives us a way of identity. Although is there's a diversity, but we've lost our thinking, and always follow what another person is doing. Diversity makes an individual Stand call at a crowd, it gives us a concept of difference in opinion. Diversity also enables us to form our decision-making strong if there was just one type if thinking, and everybody was alleged to think therein way then nobody would have a developed brain, we could haven't reached where we are today. Diversity gives different colors and ease in life. If we had to follow similar culture we might be missing on tons of things and would haven't enjoyed what nature has already restored for us… It gives us a dimension to think. A team is simply like our palms its different sizes of fingers similarly a team with a various range of capabilities and culture can make it more productive. Yes India may be a diverse nation, but that is the reason the has woven us into a gorgeous necklace. Diversity makes us stronger by eliminating fear of the unknown through exposure to the unknown. It helps us to become stronger as a worldwide community by uniting all many sorts of ideas and cultures that folks have developed over the history of this world through a medium of respect, inquisition, fellowship, and peace.

Megha Verma

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