Music, A Classic Healer 

“Music has healing powers. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours"

All of us like music, some like Jazz, some like Rock, some like Soul, etc, and we listen to it to refresh our minds and even escape the hard times. But have you ever thought that why does you instantly start feeling better after listening to a good song? Believe it or not but Music is powerful. It can change the mood of a person just by switching between songs. You can appreciate the power of music by imagining watching your favorite movie without any music.

There are numerous studies that support music as a 'stress reliever.” A study by MNT found that infants remained calmer for longer when they were played music rather than spoken to- even when speech involved baby talk. Another study in 2013 found that not only went listening to music help reduce pain and anxiety for children, but also independent social factor stress. It is also suggested that stress relieving effect is dependent on what type of music on listens to, with relaxing music found most likely to lower cortisol levels.

Apart from a stress reliever, music's effect on heart rate has led a number of researchers to believe that it may also be effective for treating heart conditions, as it is found repeated musical phrases may help control heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

So, it was all about Music, awesome, isn, 't it? The way it helps our mind and bodies to heal and grow in various areas. And I think the next time you're struck in any situation, especially anxiety, plug in your earphones, and calm down, it will definitely help.

Shraddha Khare




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