National Integration: The Need  Of The Hour

India is a democratic country. It is a land of vast variety of religion, culture, and language. We respect all the culture, and language and as are constitution says we can choose whichever religion we want to follow and speak any language.

There is a difference in what people eat and how they choose to live. Our neighboring is different from us and hence they try to attack and break our unity in diversity.

All anti-national forces should be crushed without fail. We have to sacrifice for surviving national integration.

Every effort should be made to create emotional integration and a sense of unity. Publicity through every known medium is essential.

We should try to know problem that is actually causing problems to our nation's unity. Difference in opinion is a major challenge for the nation. Miscommunication can be very dangerous, and it can

also cause disturbance in the peace of a nation. Mast for everyone any should be made compulsory to learn about the vast difference, and how to respect that difference and cultures.

We should change the mentality of the youth and make it more productive. It is said that defense is the main for independence, we should be very cautious about cast ism. We should fight as a nation and stand United in any circumstances, even in front of our enemies and within cultures.

Megha Verma





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