Redefining the True Potential of Branding 

When you hear the word, 'branding,” what goes through your mind? Probably, something about logos, and branded products being costlier by merit of their brand.

Well, that's not all that brands or branding is about.

Branding is actually the method of building a presence within the market, and among a potential customer base to extend the visibility of a specific line. But it is often far more than that.

A brand is often a cause to unite behind, it can contribute to the welfare of society, and far more. A brand is about being visible, after all, and interactions with the audience and even the larger global audience would definitely contribute to a rise in visibility.

There are two ways brands may reach their true potential. One is when a product is understood not by its actual name, but actually by a name.

 When a brand becomes a 'household name', it's truly reached its true potential regarding presence within the consumer's mind. Great samples of this include:

• Excavator manufacturer JCB

• Detergent manufacturer Surf

• bandage brand Band-Aid

There are several other examples, but speaking from a purely business-oriented standpoint, this is often truth potential of a brand: it cements the name of the merchandise and company related to it publicly consciousness.

Speaking from a social perspective. However, brands reach their true potential once they represent a message. A message which will unite people, or that folks can relate to, or one that benefits society.

Nike, an immensely popular brand, made waves with the Equality campaign. Their emphasis on equality allowed them to become a social icon for those that identified with the worth. Consumers bought not just a product, but a logo which showed that they respected the principle of equality.

We humans love stories, and one that unites people towards a standard goal is, in my opinion, the hallmark of a real brand. It doesn't merely sell a product; it builds a community. That's the true potential of branding.

Arunanshu Deep Barnwal




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