Seeing the world from your Camera Lens 

Every morning when we hear something good see it well and think well our whole day increases the chances of getting better and when every day start to pass well then, our life becomes good. What is an idea? What is the thought? It is very important to know because our way of thinking tells us the point of view of anything. It is well said that every coin has two sides one being positives and other one being negative. From birth to death every person has its own vision about nature, behavior, thinking etc. There is something peaceful yet exciting about seeing an imagine in your mind - then capturing it forever. One of the most interesting things is that usually, upon examining the picture you find more than you even saw when it first came into focus through your lens and something you never intended becomes the focal point . To see something the cameras i is only to make it look clear and to focus on it. That's why everything has different views.

Vision of a child: For a child the world of like a black and white vision in which color perception cannot develop and in the same way their way of seeing the world is different.

Vision of old age: At this time the attitude of old age becomes just like a child which has stubbornness and desires too.

Considering these factors, its little wonder many people struggle financially. The fact is we see the world through own lenses as well. But rarely do we see more than our mind will allow us - our

brain has fixed our lenses only to pick up to the familiar and the comfortable . In other words , we see things as.





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