Social Networking Sites: A Boon or A Bane 

Social media is a revolutionary way of communication. Social media made it really convenient to connect with the friends and family at any point of time. 30th June is celebrated the world Social Media Day since 2010.

It was created to recognize the impact of social media on global communications. Social Networking Sites are most common amongst every generation around the world. The most liked fact about social media is that it gives a platform to showcase talents. It's entertaining and accessible to all. It has the power to change our life but as every coin has two sides the social media has negative impacts too.

One of the worst parts of social media is the cyber bullying and online abuse. So be careful while connecting people on social media. Though government has come up with strict regulatory bodies called The Cyber Cell the cases of Cyber bullying are increasing rapidly. Another impact that harms the human lives is Health problems.

When you are online your health will suffer too. Many people are more worried about the number of followers than their real problems. It's neither healthy for physical health nor mental health. It's one of the most significant negative effect of social media on the society. One of the other major effects faced by most of us is disruption of

online privacy. To fight this a constant check is needed on the sites you are operating. The lack of online privacy is the root of Fake Accounts and information. We cannot say who the other person behind the screen is or what are his intentions. Awareness is really necessary about Fake accounts which can be possible by checking out each profile linked with you in detail.

Lastly the Negative impact on academics of students who spend endless hours on social networking sites is actually alarming. Unlimited access to students has various drawbacks too.

On this social media day remember some few things while you operate the social networking sites.

We can't deny most of us have more strangers in our friend list than real friends so Avoid posting every personal detail about you and remember not to share any offensive content related to racism and other forms of discrimination. Even if it is a joke think twice .

Use social media wisely in a productive way without spreading any rumors and personal details. This is the responsibility of every citizen because social media is a bane till the time you use it wisely and sensibly. BE AWARE AND SPREAD AWARENES

Shraddha Khare




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