Goals like an admission into that college, getting a job in XYZ company or getting more sales. We try a lot but fail to understand that to get what we want, we face a lot of resistances: both internal and external. The external resistance includes distractions which can be manipulated and worked through, but the internal resistance which is, when we lose hope and lower our confidence that proves to be our biggest hindrance. The most important goal for self accomplishment is that, we should not allow internal resistance come on the way of achieving what we want.

Many motivational speakers promise the way of getting what you want is, right within us. It is in the right front of us. It can be achieved through:

Confidence: It's the underlying factor behind anything. It influences our motivation to do the task and also how we'll do that task.

Proper planning: To achieve what you want, you can do a proper planning, plan out a strategy how you'll do the task and how you'll implement it.

Perseverance: We've to be persistent in doing the things we really want, we should strive hard to achieve the success despite the difficulty or delay.

These are only a few mantras for getting things you want but there are a few more techniques which will help you to achieve what your heart and soul desires, follow these simple yet achievable techniques to master the art of getting what you want with confidence.

Figure out what exactly you want:

First, you need to figure out exactly what you want and never beat around the bushes. Ask yourselves what actually makes you really happy. Ask what you want out of your life.

Start asking

Now you exactly know what you want. It's time to ask for your piece of cake. It is better said than done. But until you ask for something, you would regret for not trying. Most of us feel shy and nervous before asking. You can’t lose what you never had and you would not achieve without first asking. Also, be specific while asking, no one can read your mind! Be confident while asking for the promotion, you deserve or the raise you want.

Set Goals that you want to achieve. But it should be realistic and now as you've set up the goal work on it, strive for it and achieve it.

Try out a different path

While walking on the same path every day, you would arrive at the same place. If you are unable to achieve your goal, it’s time to look back and changed your path. Take a different route to reach your milestone. Change your approach. Life may surprise you. You must never be stuck to the mundane, rather mix it up a little.

Do not let complaining and excuses be a part of your journey towards achieving what you want. Stop procrastination and work towards achieving your ambitions, goals, and desires. If you'll try out the techniques mentioned above, working towards getting what you want will be just a piece of cake for you to achieve.

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