The Art of Not Giving a Fuck 

When you think of not giving a fuck, you associate it with being rude, right? But that's wrong! 

Vulgarities aside, not giving a fuck is a very liberating state of being. It doesn't have to do with  being rude - it has to do with being at ease with yourself and with the world. 

The art of not giving a fuck may seem tough to master, but it is most certainly rewarding. In a  world where FOMO and the fear of judgement exists, not giving a fuck allows you to detach  yourself from the rat race of likes and comments, and learn to live in the moment. 

Masters of the art can achieve a sense of inner peace unlike any other, for their sense of self is  not influenced by any external factors, and they are unfazed by critics. A great example who is  in the public eye is Ranveer Singh; his larger-than-life presence is owed to his eccentricities  and a flair which is all his own. He clearly doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks. 

You might now be asking, "well, what is the secret to this art?" 

It's simple. Condition your mind to disregard hateful people. Hateful people are those who are  unable to fulfill their own hopes and dreams, and require an outlet for the negative energy that  wells up inside of them as a result. They will try to cast aspersions on everything from your  appearance to your intelligence, from your career path to your fashion sense. 

That's not to say that you should completely disregard criticism! Constructive criticism does in  fact exist, and is an important part of self-improvement. 

It's important to understand that not giving a fuck doesn't just mean disregarding haters; it also  means choosing which opinions to value, as well as forming your own opinions and being  unapologetic about them. That's the essence of this art. 

At the end of the day, as long as the way you are and act can be justified to your true self, you  will be happy, and you needn't give a fuck about anyone else.

By Arunanshu Deep Barnwal




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