The journey of life 

Our life has no end it keeps on going. This journey of life is long, and we are never alone in this, sometimes we feel that we are all alone, and there is nobody beside us, but we forget that from the time of a birth till our last breath there is always someone connected to us. People are there at every step of your life some part their ways early in the journey where are some last longer… Let's learn about how making this journey of life interesting.

*Positive Attitude*- The important thing throughout a journey is positivity. We have a lot of sources of negativity

around us and it is important that we focus more on the positive aspect of everything and turn the negativity into positive energy.

*Never think to give up*- We should never ever think of quitting. There may be many challenges in life, but there shouldn't be an option to quit. Learn from those challenges collects good experience and strength so that you can fight against the toughest challenges.

*Open up*- Don't put your thoughts and yourself into a cage. Be open like a free bird share your thoughts, your emotions your bad experiences.

There are times when you think there is no one who can understand you or can really feel what you are going through just take your diary and a pen and start scribbling your thoughts pen down everything and anything you feel a like make that blank paper as your best friend and just let it out. Opening up is important because it gives you a perspective in life and sometimes it just makes your life, and your journey more beautiful.

Megha Verma





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