The Law of Rejection 

Some great personality said, "Rejection teaches you how to reject. "  

We all have faced rejections once in our life time, whether it is about our complexion , body type our  talent. However, rejections are an important part of our life as every rejection helps bring out a better  person out of ourselves by developing our skills. Rejections are faced by those who don't quit to practice  their dreams. Only a person who is chasing his dreams will be able to feel the happiness about his  achievements and the pain of his rejections.  

As India is still a developing country most of the youth faces rejections mostly for their jobs or interviews This is due to the fact that the population of our country is much more than the availability of the jobs.  Almost every Indian youth craves for a government job job government job a government job job  government job but only 10% out of the whole get the opportunity to serve the government of their  country. 

As human nature, we are not able to accept those failures and end up trying. We have bounded our life  within rejections, we don't try to face them, instead we blame our life and the result is depressing.  

Today in India the suicide rates are really high, this is just because we don't take rejections as lesson of  our life. 

The competition has now been to another level , not only in government interviews but also in the  private ones. Each and every person on the earth is not only competing with each other but also with its  own self to transform into a better person. 

At the end I would conclude that giving up upon your life is not the solution, taking rejections as  compliments will give us motivation for life.  






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