Triggers for Sales and copywriting

What is copywriting?

Well, copywriting is selling with your keyboard.

Copywriting is a science and process of writing text or words which are used for the promotional activities, sales copy, increase brand awareness and also other form of marketing activities

Copywriting are used in sales pages, video content, blog posts, Facebook ads, emails, google ads, etc.

AIDA formula

Overview of AIDA

Attention – To get attention from the customer, the first thing is the catchy subject lines

Interest – Making the customer to get interested in your product by showing how it is different

Desire – Highlights the product benefit or how the product can help you and show the results

Action – share, signup, offers

7 conversion triggers for sales and copywriting

⦁ Reciprocity – Human tends to believe in give and take effect, once you give anything to free and that is needed for them you will have a strong rapport , For e.g. while signing up providing freebies or some free eBook grabs attention

⦁ Commitment – It involves dedicating yourself to something , the first yes is always hard but the next yes doesn’t require much effort , For e.g. first asking people for email id for freebies and generating leads and if you are true to that people are more likely to trust and invest in you

⦁ Authority – Humans are generally hard buyers to listen the people who are in authority, because authority creates a trust

⦁ Social proof - People like to hear from people, not brands. Basically, people who have used your product and service and gained results act as social proof. Customer testimonials, feedbacks reviews, ratings are few examples

⦁ Scarcity – It triggers the people or marketer to buy, e.g.- last day for the offer, limited time

⦁ Liking – Should have a sense of personal touch to entire personality

⦁ Fear - we are far more motivated by the fear of losing than we are by the desire of gaining. For e.g. you can say to your customer that if you miss the product or service, you may lose something valuable




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