You've been holding your pen wrong your entire life.

Guess what happened day before yesterday in your life? It can be good or bad. Probably you don't remember it, do you? Almost everyone wants that his life be set and lasting, but they run astray after success. Do not recognize themselves. Why you forget your own value? Every time you travel you meet different people of positive or negative minds who can easily motivate or demotivate you. At that moment we forget who we are and where do we go and get. At the same turn we also meet some such people those who mislead us into taking the decision of right and wrong. It all depends on the way of thinking. Everyone has seen that phase when as a student you were responsible for choosing your career. Sometimes you pressurized by your parents and family but that time you should search yourself about your skills, your talents, your gratitude. Somewhere we also know that we are going on wrong path, but it would be too late by then when everything is left behind and now it is difficult to get it. People who are living office life they also see this phase. He forgets which post he is on. Still flatter people. Thinking that they will get more best position by this due to which they lose their value by seeing. I'm not telling you these examples for sympathy or to be a victim. I'm telling you these examples so you are aware that there are people out there that can do this to YOU. When we know we are doing wrong and apart from that there is no option as to how to correct? Some begin to retreat fearing what they should not do. There are people that will purposely devalue you to make you feel small. Take a stand for YOU and who YOU are!Are your beliefs running you right now? Is your mind chatter saying things like, I could never do that on my own or I, where to start? I am here to tell you, yes you can. There is so much potential within you waiting to be released. Only you can take charge of your own future. Connect to your purpose, passion and vision.

By Shraddha khare.




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