Start-Up School


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Live Sessions

The Start-Up School is a 3-month live program offered by the School of Skill Development, an arm of Buskills Education.

The Startup School is an entrepreneurship skill training program that has been meticulously planned out in order to instill new techniques and principles of business planning, complimenting your personality and business mindset. The Program redefines the concepts of the business model, inculcates effective strategies, skills, and business analytics, and opens pathways to a more knowledgable, more confident entrepreneur.

Course Description

Course Objectives

  • To provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of business planning and entrepreneurship.

  • To provide students with a foundation in both theoretical and practical concepts and applications.

  • To enable students to anticipate and meet the needs of global markets by incubating their ideas and facilitating interactions with industry experts.

Who is an Entrepreneur?
Creation of Idea
Opportunity Identification
Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Role of Technology
Looking at the world from Entrepreneurial Lens
Building Your Team
Startup Business Models
Business Plan
Pitch Deck
Building MVP
Marketing, Operations and Legal Consideration in Startups
Funding and Source of Funding for Startups
Scaling Your Startup
Entrepreneurs as Change Maker
Case Studies on Startups
Unicorns and Studies
Market Research Mentoring
Launch your first venture

Course Curriculum

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