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Live Sessions

The Stock Market Program is a 2-month live program offered by the School of Skill Development, an arm of Buskills Education.

The Financial Management Program is a skill training program that has been designed in order to help you to grasp new techniques and principles of financial management and the stock market, complementing your financial goals. The Program redefines financial concepts, incubates effective strategies, skills, and financial planning, and opens pathways to a more confident, more financially secure citizen.

Course Description

Course Objective

  • To provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the concepts of financial management.

  • To provide students with a foundation in both theoretical and practical concepts and applications.

  • To enable students to meet the needs of global business organizations by adding professional internships and training to their portfolios.

Share Market Basics
Types of Share Market
Investing In Share Markets
Trading Account
Demat Account
Macro-Economics and Fundamental Analysis
Sensex, nifty and other indices
Trading Platforms
Financial Ratios 
Futures & Options
Building the concepts of Derivatives: Futures & Options Trading
Application of Derivatives: Arbitrage, Hedging, Speculation
Understanding concepts of Margins, Mark to Market & settlement for effective trading
Option payoff diagrams, pricing and analytics
Basic strategies in Bullish and Bearish Markets
Unleashing trading strategies under different market conditions
Technical Analysis
Conceptual understanding of Technical Analysis
Components of Technical analysis

Course Curriculum

Why Choose Finance?

  • Finance is one of the reputed professions in-country

  • Exciting, challenging, and fast-paced career

  • Stability and high growth opportunities

  • Marketing is a fast-paced and exciting industry

  • Global opportunities and high paying career

  • Lack of finance professionals in India

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